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IDC Arc Flash Compliance Conference in Mississauga a Success

Terry Becker just returned from the 2017 Arc Flash Compliance Conference in Mississauga, Ontario, where he presented CSA Z462 Getting It Right!

This two-day Canadian conference focused on the electrical safety standards and expectations across Canada and features only Canadian presenters and tutorial instructors who are involved in the industry. It also provided an opportunity for participants and contributors to network and discuss current events and changes in the electrical safety field.

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CSA Z462-2015, Clause Risk Assessment Procedure

You may not have interpreted the requirements of this NEW Clause in CSA Z462-2015 correctly.  Based on training you may have received the instructor may have avoided this topic altogether; wrongly advising you that completing a Shock Risk Assessment and an Arc Flash Risk Assessment is the Risk Assessment Procedure, this is not correct.  You may have requested that the arc flash incident energy analysis study report you solicited included information on the Risk Assessment Procedure and that the engineer completes the risk assessment. Unfortunately, the P.Eng. that completed the study is most likely not a CSA Z462 Subject Matter Expert or will not have any or limited experience in Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) and risk assessment. Additionally, the engineer is not the Qualified Person that will be performing the energized electrical work task and the engineer is not the employer or supervisor of the Qualified Person who ultimately under OH&S Regulation has the legal responsibility for the Qualified Persons health and safety in the workplace.

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Do you have an Electrical Safety Program?

What is an Electrical Safety Program? Why do I need an Electrical Safety Program? Who manages the Electrical Safety Program? When should I develop and implement an Electrical Safety Program? Did we create a document that we thought was an Electrical Safety Program and it actually isn’t?

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What is Energized Electrical Work?

All electrical incidents are preventable! Keep employees safe with an up-to-date Electrical Safety Program and appropriate training. This article series will review the necessary steps to develop an Electrical Safety Program for your company.  The first priority is to understand what energized work is and why you need an Electrical Safety Program for due-diligence.

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Arc Flash & Shock – Top Down or Bottom Up Controls for Risk Reduction

Have you implemented “Top Down” or “Bottom Up” control measures for arc flash and shock? Have you placed most of your attention on arc flash and neglected shock?

As documented in Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standards, CSA Z1000 for Canada and ANSI Z10 for the United States for all workplace hazards the hierarchy of controls should be followed in the order listed to mitigate or reduce risk to workers.

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APEGBC Jan 28th – Terry Becker, P.Eng. – ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions Inc. presenting on CSA Z462, 3rd Edition Changes & Impacts


Seminar Objectives

By attending this seminar you will:

  • Learn about the relationship between WorkSafeBC OH&S Part 19 Electrical Safety and CSA Z462
  • Learn about the content and application of the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard, 3rd Edition, 2015
  • Discuss what an arc flash is and when it is realistic to occur
  • Learn about specific changes to the 3rd Edition of CSA Z462, specifically the new Risk Assessment Procedure, Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Shock Risk Assessment
  • Review and complete a Risk Assessment Procedure based on the CSA Z462, Annex F
  • Learn about the relationship between CSA Z462 and IEEE 1584
  • Discuss the key requirements to complete an engineering arc flash incident energy analysis
  • Learn about the new CSA Z463 Guideline on maintenance of electrical systems, with specific reference to electrical safety
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Arc Flash & Shock – 10 New Year’s Resolutions!

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Electrical Safety – A New Year’s Resolution

It is 2016 and the CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard, 3rd Edition, 2015 was published one year ago. It is a new year!   As we all reflect on 2015 I would encourage you to review the status of your Electrical Safety Program and the related preventive and protective control measures you have implemented to date.   Have you completed an Internal Electrical Safety Audit to measure your performance in electrical safety to date based on the 2nd Edition of CSA Z462? Have you assessed if the performance is sustainable? Have you reviewed the changes in the 3rd Edition of CSA Z462 and specifically the new Risk Assessment Procedure requirement? Have you made a plan to move your electrical safety related work practices to the requirements of the CSA Z462, 3rd Edition, 2015?

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Alberta OH&S planning on adopting two Clauses from CSA Z462-12 in OH&S Law in Part 18

Alberta OH&S Part 18 Personal Protective Equipment:

CSA Z462-12, Clause and Clause will be formally recognized under Alberta OH&S Part 18 Personal Protective Equipment, 232 Use of flame resistant clothing. Public Comment process has been opened and will close January 2015. Following this process the Alberta Provincial Government will consider all proposed changes and if this Part 18 proposal is accepted it would be adopted into the OH&S Regulations in late 2015.

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Recommendations & Guideline for Electrical Safety Change Management

Next month the new 2015 edition of CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard is being released and you’ll need a plan! Don’t train any workers until you’re ready!

This guideline will help explain the necessary steps for change management resulting from the release of the 2015 Standard. You’re expected to update your existing Electrical Safety Program documentation, create new content as necessary and train your workers. As such you’ll need to plan into 2015 so you start the year with a clear direction, defined goals and objectives using a project management based approach.

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