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CSA Z462 / NFPA 70E

Public Review of CSA Z462-2018 Edition Draft – Deadline June 7

Please be advised that the CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard, 2018 Edition PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT is available to be viewed until June 7, 2017 utilizing CSA Group’s software tool for this process.
If you want to review the DRAFT CSA Z462-2018 and make any comments, you can register and view the document using CSA’s software tool. You cannot download a full PDF copy of the document or view the document in its entirety.
You will have to register first before you will be provided access to the CSA software tool.
When you log in, the CSA Z462 DRAFT is located under Occupational Health & Safety.
Please note if you view the DRAFT and make comments using the software tool, your comments will be forwarded to CSA Group and will be reviewed by the CSA Z462 Technical Committee.
ESPS has available for your reference two documents that highlight the differences between previous editions of the CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard. You can download them from our library: 1st to 2nd Edition / 2nd to 3rd Edition.
ESPS President and CEO Terry Becker, P. Eng., CESCP, IEEE Senior Member is a Voting Member on the CSA Z462 Technical Committee and also the Working Group 8 Annexes Leader. If you have any technical questions, please contact ESPS and Terry will respond to them directly.
Please direct any feedback on the CSA Z462-2018 Edition Draft directly to the CSA Group.
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IDC Arc Flash Compliance Conference, Mississauga, ON



This Canadian conference presents a great opportunity to hear the latest in electrical safety and network with industry experts, including keynote speaker Terry Becker, P.Eng. of ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions Inc. We need to “Get it Right!” Expand your understanding of arc flash & shock, the requirements of CSA Z462-2015 across the country, and get some clarity on some of the myths and facts surrounding arc flash that you may be confused about.

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5th Annual IDC Arc Flash Conference in Melbourne, Australia


This week, Terry Becker represented ESPS as a keynote speaker at the 5th Annual IDC Arc Flash Conference in Melbourne, Australia. This conference focuses on helping end users tackle arc flash risks through case studies and by building the base for practical applications.

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NETA PowerTest Conference 2017

Terry Becker once again participated in the annual NETA PowerTest Conference this week, where he attended panel sessions and seminars and presented on his Electrical Safety Program Work Flow Process flowchart, as well as how to apply the documentation of an Electrical Safety Program, Work Order Management Systems and administrative requirements for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

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ESPS Presents at EAM Expo 2017

This week, Terry Becker represented ESPS at the EAM Expo 2017 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he both exhibited and presented CSA Z462 Arc Flash & Shock – Getting it Right!!

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EAM Expo 2017 – Getting It Right!!

Terry Becker will be presenting CSA Z462 Arc Flash & Shock – Getting it Right!! at the 2017 EAM Expo, hosted by the Electrical Association of Manitoba.

In its 3rd Edition, and on January 1, 2018 moving to its 4th Edition, the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard has saved workers’ lives!

After the presentation, stop by booth 607, where Terry himself will be available to answer any questions you may have in regards to CSA Z462 or other electrical safety matters.

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IEEE ESW in Reno a Huge Success

Terry Becker and Cindy Tedd just got back from Reno, NV, where ESPS both presented and exhibited at the 25th annual IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop. This was Cindy’s first exposition with ESPS, and we couldn’t be happier to have her representing our company and promoting our mission.

It was also a perfect opportunity for Terry to present and defend his latest paper, Application of Work Flow Process in an Electrical Safety Program: Flow Chart.

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ESPS Presenting & Exhibiting at ECAA AGM and Training Day

ESPS attended the ECAA AGM and Training day held in Edmonton, Alberta May 27 and 28, 2016.  ESPS is working with industry to ensure that due diligence to OH&S regulations is appropriate and effective with documentation in place and utilized in the field.  Electrical contractors can bring the required practices to their clients and not only reduce risk to their workers but make money with Electical Safety!  For more information on how ESPS can help you email info@esps.ca.

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CSSE 2015 Ottawa Professional Development Conference

September 21-22, 2015 Ottawa, ON

Terry Becker, P.Eng. will be exhibiting at the 2015 Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, booth 06.   ESPS continues to bring to the industry what it believes, that “We can save lives!!”   We can do this by developing and deploying comprehensive, accurate and credible Electrical Safety Programs for electrical contractors and Industrial, Commercial and Institutional companies.   Check out the website for more information on how ESPS can help you or the Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) website, www.arcflash-training.ca to find out about the best in class eLearning for low and high voltage arc flash and shock based on CSA Z462 or NFPA 70E.

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APEGA 2015 Summit

April 24, 2015 – Calgary, AB


Terry Becker, P.Eng. will be presenting on the CSA Z462-2015 Risk Assessment Procedure. The CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard published in 3rd Edition in January 2015. There are significant changes to this Edition of CSA Z462, the most significant is the inclusion of the formal requirement to have a “Risk Assessment Procedure” completed for every energized electrical work task that is performed. This development changes the context of CSA Z462 and further aligns it with Occupational Health & Safety Mangement System Standards, such as CSA Z1000 or COR and risk assessment Standards such as CSA Z1002.

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