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No Look Listen Smell Arc Flash MCC Doors Closed

This video emphasizes that when energized electrical equipment is in an abnormal condition there is a higher probability of an arcing fault and arc flash occurring. This worker should have used a Look, Listen & Smell simple philosophy. The worker did detect an abnormal condition at least three (3) times, but did not react appropriately. Had he reacted appropriately he would not have been exposed to an arc flash flash.

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Arc Flash & Shock – ESTS Non Electrical Worker eLearning Curtis Weber Shock Incident Testimonial

Curtis Weber (www.curtisweber.ca) tells us his tragic story. A Non-Electrical Worker shocked and burned at the age of 17 when involved in moving a grain bin hopper that made contact with an Overhead Power Line.

Curtis Weber:
“On July 29th, 1999, I was 17 years old and working as I did everyday as a Construction Laborer on the Saskatchewan prairies.
After a long day at work, my crew and I were attempting to transport a grain bin under a power line with our picker truck. Prior to performing the task, we assessed the risk of moving the bin under an overhead power line. After a brief discussion we talked about the power line and how it “had the potential to kill somebody”. Just minutes later, it nearly did.” http://www.curtisweber.ca/about/

Curtis provides this short testimonial in ESPS’s industry leading Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) Non-Electrical Worker training, for more details see www.arcflash-training.ca.

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