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CSA Z462-2015 Changes & Updates Course

FREE For a Limited Time!

If you’re not up to date on the latest Arc Flash & Shock Electrical Safety Training, you may not realize there have been a number of Changes and Updates to the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard.

Take advantage of this FREE course for a limited time to review the changes that greatly impact your energized electrical work day to day.

This one-hour course is important for workers who have not yet taken the certified ESTS Electrical Worker Canada 2015 course, and is also an excellent refresher course for those who haven’t taken the 2015 training in a while.

Important Updates for Qualified Electrical Workers
Gain a better understanding of the key changes made to the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Standard in the 2015, 3rd Edition.

The course reviews updates made to CSA Z462 Clauses 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, as well as some of the modifications to the Annexes.

Review the CSA Z462-2015 2nd to 3rd Edition Differences in the document below.

Why Do My Workers Need This Course?

This course is essential for workers who have only completed training based on the 2012 Standard. It’s important to understand changes made to this Safety Standard since 2012, as they affect your existing established Electrical Safety Program and how you complete energized electrical work tasks.

ESPS advocates that companies develop and implement an Electrical Safety Program and a key component is up to date training. ESPS offers an Electrical Safety Program package and compliant, certified electrical safety training courses.

Course Contents
  • Impact of CSA Z462
  • Additions, Deletions and Revisions
  • Safety-Related Work Practices
  • Arc Flash Boundary
  • PPE Tables for use with Incident Energy Calculations
  • Hazard and Risk Category Method
  • Safety Requirements for Special Equipment
  • Annex updates




Click on the image to take a tour of our virtual electrical workplace.
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around experience the Electrical Safety Training System.
Requires the Unity web app.


Need to update your Arc Flash & Shock Electrical Safety Training?

ESTS eLearning Benefits

Effective “standalone” training solution for your entire workforce.

Training for workers anytime, anywhere, across large geographic areas and remote locations.

Repeatable, interactive experience with state of the art multimedia, rich 2D and 3D graphics, and virtual simulations. Uses Bloom’s Taxonomy adult learning fundamentals: Cognitive, Affective & Psychomotor.

Excellent way to manage training costs, track student progress and maintain accountability.

Combine with “on the job” training for even more practical knowledge.

Learning aids including a Resource Toolbox and downloadable Student Workbook. Ask the Instructor feature provides access to a Subject Matter Expert.

ESTS eLearning versus Instructor-Led Training

Lower Training Costs

Cost savings through decreased worker travel and less time spent demobilized in a classroom. The non-productive time workers spend during traditional training courses is the largest cost to your organization.

Control the impact on production by training workers during down times. In addition, with the current economy, you’re asking for more with less. ESTS eLearning compresses training time and provides the tools and skills needed to improve their safety performance.


ESTS eLearning provides a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content. ESTS courses in Canada are provided in both English and French. Training facilitators often change their delivery technique Instructor-led training can vary from session to session.

Real-time Access

Instructor-led training sessions are a burden that requires scheduling to accommodate for the training availability. Worker turnover is harder to manage. ESPS eLearning is available anytime, anywhere.

Less Intimidating

ESTS eLearning lets workers learn at their own pace with no distractions or peer pressures. Workers have a freedom to fail without fear. The worst case scenario is having to start the course over again, something that’s not always possible with Instructor-led sessions.

The combination of multimedia, rich 2D & 3D graphics and virtual simulations provides an effective learning experience that is repeatable. Workers have more time to review the course materials during their training session.