Danatec Educational Services Ltd. has acquired ESPS. Read the press release to learn more.

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ESPS Acquired By Danatec Educational Services Ltd.

ESPS Acquired By Danatec Educational Services Ltd.

Great news today for ESPS clients!

ESPS is pleased to announce that Danatec Educational Services Ltd., a Yardstick Testing and Training company, has acquired ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions INC.

This acquisition will marry ESPS electrical safety subject matter expertise with Danatec’s deep knowledge of regulated spaces and market-leading product development. Combined with the added quality and defensibility that our ongoing partnership with Yardstick has already brought our own online training solutions, this will be transformational for the industry.

ESPS is looking forward to working alongside Danatec to bring new training products, new services and a deeper level of defensibility and rigor to this market.
This partnership allows ESPS to grow the consulting services and products ESPS offers, improve service delivery, and reach a larger audience to share industry best practices and training to an international audience.
Please update your contact information for any eLearning course technical support issues: customercare@danatec.com.
You can read the full press release here.
Cindy Tedd