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A to Z Electrical Safety Solutions

Our electrical safety solutions help employers meet or exceed their regulatory obligations to become champions in electrical safety for their entire workforce. Flexible and comprehensive solutions to keep your workers safe!


Electrical Safety Program


An ESP For Your Needs

With your unique situation and requirements in mind, ESPS can help your company build on your Electrical Safety Program to champion safety and awareness around Arc Flash & Shock risks to keep your workers safe.

A Full Scope Solution

ESPS can provide a full, out of the box solution to cover all the Occupational Health & Safety Management System requirements of an ESP based on CSA Z462 or NFPA 70E Standards.


Use ESPS’ Electrical Safety Program Product in a Box to complement your existing program and customize to your individual requirements.

Arc Flash & Shock Training



ESPS offers various forms of certified, compliant Arc Flash & Shock Electrical Safety Training for Electrical and Non-Electrical Workers.


ESPS offers in-depth, hands-on instructor-led classroom training at your facility, customized to your requirements, with highly-experienced instructors who provide quality insight into reducing and preventing risks for your workers.


Innovative, compliant, certified and state-of-the-art online Arc Flash & Shock electrical safety training anytime, anywhere, without taking away from day to day operations.

Blended Training

For the best training experience, combine our eLearning course with a 1 Day instructor-led training course at your facility to combine a solid electrical safety learning foundation with even more in-depth, hands-on experience with customized work task scenarios and PPE equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment



Learn about the new PPE technologies that help your workers stay even safer when working on energized electrical equipment.

The Arc Flash PPE Myth!

Thermal Incident Energy doesn’t directly correlate to Arc Blast. Detailed equipment labels that imply 40 cal/cm2 is a limit and say “No Safe PPE Exists” are wrong. We have Arc Flash Suits available for 40, 65, 100 & 140 cal/cm2 levels.

For All Your PPE Needs

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