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ESPS is a PPE distributor providing innovative new arc flash & shock protective technologies in suits, accessories and equipment. Contact us to learn more or request a quotation today on the PPE you require to keep your electrical workers safe.

ESPS has partnered with Oberon to offer you the latest in next generation PPE gear. Oberon’s new True Colour Gray (TCG) Series faceshield is a medium-density filter that allows all wavelengths of visible light to pass through without causing any color distortion. The end result is a nearly clear experience for the worker when performing complex electrical tasks. With the advent of this new technology, electrical workers will no longer struggle to see coloured wires or electrical tape while working energized.

Add to this Oberon’s industry-leading arc flash fabrics. The InnovexFR™ fabric system is the latest result – even lighter and more comfortable than before. The TCG40 Series clothing is a super light PPE solution, which is a relief to those whose jobs require they wear these suits.



Available Products

Arc Rated Clothing

Arc Rated Clothing, Suit Coats and Bib-Overalls; Arc Rated Outerwear and Rainwear; Arc Rated Ventilated Suit Hoods; Arc Rated Balaclavas; Insulating Aprons; Footwear; Storage Bags


Arc Rated Faceshields; Hard Caps; Rubber Insulating Gloves and Inflators; Arc Rated Gloves; Leather Glove Protectors; Safety Glasses and Goggles; Protective Hearing Devices; Earmuffs and Radios; Arc Suppression Blankets; Fall Protection

Equipment & Tools

Digital Multi-Meters; Low and High Voltage Proximity Detectors; Locks/Tags and Locking Mechanisms; Temporary Protective Grounds; Hot Sticks and Rescue Hot Sticks; Ground Truck & Test Devices; Barricades; Insulated Hand Tools

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